Friday, December 18, 2015

Our Services

We specialize in Providing Actuarial Valuation Services, which involve the evaluation of financial obligations to be discharged at a future date. The specific areas of application are:-

·      Actuarial Valuation for Gratuity Plans (as per Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972 -amended or as per company specific benefit structures).
·         Actuarial Valuation for Earned Leave Plan.
·         Actuarial Valuation for Sick Leave Plan.
·         Actuarial Valuation for Defined Benefit Pension Plans.
·         Actuarial Valuation for Post Retirement Medical Benefit Plans.
·         Actuarial Valuation for Settlement Allowances on Retirement.
·         Actuarial Valuation for Long Service Award Plans/Incentive Plans.
·      Actuarial Valuation for Interest Rate Guarantee for Exempted Provident Funds  as per the Guidance Note 29 issued by the Institute of Actuaries of India under Revised AS 15 (Revised 2005).
·         Any other Defined Benefits not covered above.

The important items which need disclosure for compliance of the above Accounting Standards for Employee Benefits are:

·         Projected Benefit Obligation at the Start of the Accounting Period
·         Current Service Cost
·         Past Service Cost
·         Curtailments/settlements
·         Interest Cost in Indian GAAP
·         Net Interest Cost (Income) in IAS -19 (Revised 2011) under IFRS
·         Other Comprehensive Income and Reimbursements in IAS -19 (Revised 2011) under IFRS
·         Actuarial Gain/Losses in Indian GAAP
·         Projected Benefit Obligation at the End of the Accounting Period
·         Current and Non- Current Obligations as required Revised Schedule VI in Indian GAAP

We operate strictly within regulations & norms of the regulators while giving the actuarial services to our esteemed clients.

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